Nurburgring Editions for Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia Debuted During Geneva Auto Show

Setting a speed record at a place such as the Nurburgring Circuit is a feat that is as heightened as any you could achieve in a lifetime, and the Alfa Romeo brand was proud to see two of our vehicles reach this milestone. During the Geneva Auto Show, the Giulia Quadrifoglio sedan and the Stelvio Quadrifoglio SUV will both debut their own unique special-edition versions. Two years ago, the Giulia Quadrifoglio set a lap time…

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Alfa Romeo 4C Italia and Competizione Limited Editions Featured in Car and Driver

This year at the 2018 Geneva auto show, Alfa Romeo will show off two new limited-edition models of its 4C Sports Car. Car and Driver's blog was eager this week to talk about the features of each: the 4C Competizione and 4C Spider Italia will be limited to a combined 216 units, and will feature several model-specific cues to make them stand out when compared to their usual counterparts. If leaning towards the Competizione…

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WFYI Indianapolis Hails Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio as “Crisp, Sexy, and Ready to Tango”

As all of the blogs and news wires heat up with reviews of new car models, we are certainly on the lookout for those who have road tested any of the leading members our our troupe. WFYI Indianapolis writer Casey Williams set out to tackle the story of the high-performance Quadrifoglio sport sedan, that has a lengthy history dating back to early 20th-century race cars. Truly heralded as a great reintroduction after the…

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Stevlio Quadrifoglio vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk: Performance and Feature Comparison

Offering an upper-end luxury SUV has been a longstanding goal of Alfa Romeo, and when we finally achieved that goal, the result was absolutely a “vehicle fit for a king”. Since the SUV market is so hot right now, many customers are matching up their two favorite contenders, and then honing in very specifically to see the pros and cons. One incredibly dynamic duo that is within the same price range of each other is…

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Giulia Ti Lusso Said by Digital Trends to be “Ultimate BMW 3-Series Competitor”

Some cars are the type that just happen to breed unfamiliarity, and it is not in the least a negative ding on their persona. The high-performing and eye-popping Quadrifoglio is Alfa Romeo's front-running flagship that always pulls down high levels of attention, and many times steals the spotlight. Writer Chris Chin of the Digital Trendsblog long had known that the Giulia sedan was eminently sexy and unique, but he put it to the…

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Bloomberg Finds Alfa Romeo Stelvio “Beautifully Appointed”, “Superbly Balanced”

February is still definitely considered “The New Year” around Jim Butler Alfa Romeo of St Louis, and skilled drivers and reviewers are virtually “lined up” to test out new vehicle models and write about them. Bloomberg's Hannah Elliot completed a test drive of the Alfa Romeo Giulia recently, and had quite a few excellent things to say! Many others have already professed their love for this sedan that was used to re-enter the American…

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Snagging the Slot Between The 4C and Giulia? Alfa Romeo 6C Rumors

Our diverse lineup has drawn much acclaim and honorary mention over the decades, and the sales and service staff here at Jim Butler feel that every individual model has something very unique to offer. The beloved Giulia earned the Top Safety Pick+ Award from the IIHS last year, generating a steady flow of inquiries about its abilities and success. It was also named “Motor Trend” Car of the Year by USA Today, nabbing one of…

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Forbes Spreads Love for the 2018 Stelvio, Citing “Sensational on the Road”

Many St Louis residents that are shopping for a new car stop in to see us here at Jim Butler and want to be in the know about the Stelvio. The first-ever SUV for the Alfa Romeo namesake picks up where the Giulia left off, and its ideal proportions, punchy engine, and incredibly hands-on manners when it comes to road handling made it an instant hit with owners and enthusiasts around the globe. One in…

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Reflections on the 4C's Rousing Performance: PistonHeads Blog Weighs in

Very balanced and light are definitely two descriptions that do a good job of painting the performance picture of the 2018 4C. Here at Jim Butler in St Louis, we have all been excited about just how high the brand name has been riding as of late: customers are eagerly learning how they can get into a feature and performance-packing Giulia, as well as the mass excitement regarding the Stelvio's release. This week as…

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Alfa Romeo Wagers High in Production Realm, Yielding Tremendous Results

When any brand takes a good hard look back at the year behind them, seeing excellent results is always a trend that allows for a bit of celebration. Alfa Romeo posted the biggest surge in sales for a brand during 2017, a solid achievement within a market that is at the moment starstruck with the likes of battery packs, and the potential for self-piloted navigation. Bloomberg Pursuits made the lofty claim that “The car maker won its bragging rights the old-fashioned way – through performance”. Many various auto execs are watching the Alfa sensation closely, as it is not something that…

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