Alfa Romeo Loyalty

Do you love your Alfa Romeo but aren't sure what to do when your lease is up? Look no further, Jim Butler has you taken care of! If you currently lease an Alfa Romeo, you qualify for a special bonus from Jim Butler and Alfa Romeo! Just follow this link to the form to get started! Alfa Romeo Loyalty Form
Giulia Overview
Model Year  ModelMonth Lease Payment  Lease Term
 19MY Base RWD Mar - Oct $359/$4,438 36 Months
 19MY Base RWD Dec 1st $339/$4,523 39 Months
 19MY Base RWD Dec 20th $339/$4,042 39 Months
 19MY  Base RWD  Jan 3rd $359/$4,880 39 Months
 20MY Base RWD Jan 3rd $429/$4,987 39 Months

Stelvio Overview
 Model Year  Model Month Lease Payment Lease Term
 19MY  Base RWD Mar - Oct $399/$4,753 36 Months
 19MY Base RWD Dec 1st $379/$4,768 39 Months
 19MY Base RWD Dec 20th $379/$4,286 39 Months
 19MY  Base RWD Jan 3rd $399/$5,140 39 Months
 20MY Base RWD Jan 3rd $469/$4,799 39 Months
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