ArsTechnicia Deems Alfa Romeo Giulia TI a “Sublime Driving Experience”, “Fire-Breathingly” Good


Over the past month, Jonathan Gitlin of ArsTechnica spent a week driving our Alfa Romeo Giulia TI, and first off admitted that he was already won over completely by the Quadrifoglio last year. Recognizing off the bat that this was “our answer to the M3”, he lays out the borrowed-from-Ferrari engine, lashings of carbon fiber bodywork, and lower price than its German competitors. One of his favorite features is the 2.0-L 4-cylinder engine, and he proclaimed is love for it right after the very first drive. He selected the Giulia Ti Sport for review, in rear-wheel drive.

The engine in question is a 280-hp, 306-lb-ft direct-injection turbocharged 4-cylinder, with a 4-valve-per-cylinder design, using only a single overhead camshaft, but utilizing variable valve timing. Jon also claims that the ZF gearbox is probably “the best automatic gearbox available today”, and completes the task of switching gears in less than 100 milliseconds, an overwhelmingly impressive statistic. It literally sends its torque to the rear axle with the use of a carbon fiber prop shaft, and because the test car was equipped with the Performance Package, the final stop if a limited slip differential. Aluminum is now used for front and rear subframes, as well as the roof, doors, fenders, and hood.

In the very exciting performance department, the car features active dampers like the Quadrifoglio, and the brakes are 13-inch rotors at the front, and 12.5-inch rotors boasting 1-piston calipers at the rear. At a glance, the Giulia looks quite similar to the pricier Quadrifoglio: the lack of vents in the hood, as well as the lack of trunk spoiler, are two of the most prominent differences in design. As far as the all-important interior details, Jon had high levels of praise for the lateral support offered thanks to hefty side bolsters, and the automatic movement of the seat towards the steering wheel upon firing the beauty right up. The steering wheel was his favorite among nearly all of the cars he had driven recently: it is on the thin side comparatively, sporting cruise controls on the left spoke, and infotainment control on the right.

The trunk gives you 13 cubic feet of storage, which expands greatly as the rear seats fold down. All Giulias put to use the same rack-and-pinion steering, which results in a characteristic stiffness, still easy to change direction with. This review noted that it makes you look for the “long, twisty way home, to savor the handling as much as possible”, and fuel economy for the week was logged at around 22 mpg. Ask us here at Jim Butler Alfa Romeo how you can enhance the Giulia with the Performance Package: the limited-slip differential really makes a difference for the more aggressive in driving stances, perfect for exploring the various winding roads of the area during your treasured free time. This sporty sedan is everything that the jet set from the everyday commuter is begging for: come check out what is nothing short of a sublime driving experience for 2018!


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