The Drive Staffers Sound Off on The High Points of The Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti


Mike Spinelli, Will Sabel Courtney, and Andrew Siceloff are three of the staffers from The Drive, one of our favorite magazines and online forums for car enthusiasts. They all recently spent time with the 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti, and used the instant message program “Slack” to discuss their experiences. Last year, these were the folks that rated the Giulia Ti excellent for its “heart-skipping design and performance”, and went as far as to say that “It's the closest thing to a four-door Ferrari you'll ever experience”.

One of the first items up for discussion was the engine, as Mike and Will claimed it was high on the peppy side, and had nice characteristics of midrange. Billing it as a perfect performance-commuter engine, the large paddle shifters also made their respective city drives enjoyable. Infotainment screens and tech are one of the biggest factors that influence a final purchase decision, and Will recommended that “All companies that basically superglue iPads onto the dash could learn a thing or two” from the way in which Maserati tends to the job of laying out tech features up front.

All of these experienced drivers agreed that the sharpness in steering is one of Alfa Romeo's best traits right now, and that with this vehicle, just like the Stelvio, this tell-tale sharpness is definitely out of sight. They agreed that the Giulia Ti is perfect for a daily driver that is fun, and that it really steps in nicely to meet the desires of someone who doesn't need the room of an SUV. Will thought that this is really the tops of the second tier of entry-level sedans that lean a bit more towards sportiness, and that it does not quite get the recognition in some circles that it deserves. The fuel economy worked out to be 24 mpg in the city, 33 on the highway, and the Giulia boasts a 0-60 mph trot of 5.7 seconds, courtesy of Car and Driver testing.

During other test drives conducted by The Drive earlier this year, those who were watching in Manhattan stopped what they were doing to ask curiously, “What kind of car is that?”. They also concluded at that point that offerings from competitor Audi felt overstuffed compared to the Giulia's cabin, which has a great focus on the driver's road experience. Those who don't understand the seemingly high maintenance of a car like an Alfa Romeo can surely glean a lot from another comment made by The Drive: “This is almost part of the charm – a way to bond with and understand your unique car, quirks and all." 

To solidify how awesome customers think that Alfas are, we even scanned the comments sections of numerous blogs: one gentleman back East said that his Giulia Ti is the most amazing drive he's ever had, and he states that the handling seems like it came straight from a dream! We love to hear about people having great experiences with the Giulia, and guarantee that a test drive will set you straight on the satisfactory performance and allure of this amazing car! 

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