The Drive Heaps Praise on Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio for “Insane Speed, Precise Handling”

The entire category of luxury SUV's is one that is now really gaining traction, as a ball team finding themselves in the playoffs, or end of a winter season offering up one last nasty storm. These days, luxury SUV models are easy to find, and we were eager to climb the path as steep as the Alpine Italian pass that the Stelvio was named for to provide this high-quality of a vehicle. The Quadrifoglio is the notch on the lineup that Lawrence Ulrich of The Drive says is absolutely “the barnstorming version with a twin-turbo V-6”. This is an SUV that is no stranger to the task of making a very bold impression, and is aptly cranked-up, at 505 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque.


It's also faster, since power is sent to all four wheels, and has recently lowered its 0-60 mph estimate to 3.6 seconds, down from 3.9. Many have been overly impressed with its record-setting Nurburgring time for SUVs, when the Stelvio leaped forward with guns blazing, and beat out supercar times from the likes of Ferrari, and even the Lamborghini Gallardo. It is worth mentioning that the Gallardo is a hefty 2.5 times the Alfa's price, sweetening the deal a bit for the daily commuter who wants to spice things up incrementally in the speed category.

Lawrence also reflected that the Stelvio feels truly “angry and alive”, and that it bursts with a unique handling and essence that separates it from any of its usual rivals, such as the Porsche Macan Turbo, or slightly bigger BMW X6 M. When put to the test on twisty roads close to New York's Harriman State Park, Lawrence knew once and for all that he was in a vehicle that at times seemed too fast, and this was as thrilling as it would be to anyone at the wheel of a car that surpasses practical, and delves daringly into the realm of the devilishly over-powered outlaw. The manner in which the Stelvio dives into corners and then blasts back out by use of torque-vectoring rear axle technology was a highlight during this test drive too, as well as the ability to allow for power oversteer.


The Stelvio in question was equipped with $8,000 worth of Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes, which included the addition of six-piston calipers in the front, and 4-piston ones in the rear. Deeming the brakes as grabby right when they need to be most, this writeup from The Drive also gave great props to the triangular appearance of the grille, which casts a very distinct and characteristic gaze on anyone approaching in the opposite lane. Come to pay us a visit at Jim Butler Alfa Romeo of St Louis this summer, and check out how the 20-inch blacked-out alloy wheels complete the task of appropriate visual enticement, and experience the excitement you get with your hands on the wheel.

The leather-topped dash paired with optional green stitching is superbly paired with carbon-fiber trim, and these very handsome seats are better composed than in many other sedans and SUVs in the same class. The vehicle that the experts called “a nuclear blast of fun” is turning more heads by the day, and possessing pure driving fun such as this is part of the perfect formula for the kiss of Summer and growing dose of wanderlust!


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