Automotive Video Association Hails Alfa Romeo Stelvio as Performance SUV of the Year


505 horsepower and V6 power are just two of the fantastic features that propel our beloved Stelvio into 1st place performance caliber, and reasons why many new customers arrive at Jim Butler Alfa Romeo already in a spellbound state! During the second annual Automotive Video Awards Competition this year, the Stelvio Quadrifoglio was named Performance SUV of the year, once again highlighting its massive value, and overall prowess in its segment. To go home with this title, the Stelvio beat out vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz AMG GlC 63, and the BMW X3 M40i.



All vehicles were put through a series of tests, and then rated by experienced AVA judges. Nik Miles, president of, claimed that this year's vehicle lineup was the best they have ever had, and after a fierce battle, still only two winners could come out on top. Voting was literally down to the wire for every single contender in each performance category, and we can agree that the bar has risen quite a bit for performance, tech features, and quality of interior as well as exterior.



The AVA is comprised of a very select group of automotive video journalists that represent an online audience of 500 million viewers annually. This list of knowledgeable personalities includes some of the most recognized and car-savvy names in the business, and just one peek at the roster clarifies this. On deck for the judging duties, there were these professionals present:


Nik Miles , Our Auto Expert

Roman Mica, The Fast Lane Car

Alex Dykes, Alex on Autos

Sofyan Bey, Redline Reviews

Jason Fenske, Engineering Explained

Matt Maranowski, Matt Moran Motoring

Nick Murray, The Nick Murray YouTube Channel


Created by Alfa Romeo's skilled craftsmen in Cassino, Italy, the Stelvio Quadrifoglio is an example of the brand we love to represents' perfect blend of emotion and precise engineering, with the finished product being the true leader of the modern pack for those searching for the perfect midsize SUV. Where other SUV's drop off after meeting the standards of utility, the Stelvio crosses the finish line by providing race-inspired performance, classic Italian style, and a driving experience that is simply thrilling.



The Nurburgring lap times that both the Giulia Quadrifoglio and the Stelvio boast have long been a topic of discussion among those who have a penchant to appreciate the best in autos. Other standout industry website such as billed the Stelvio as “Remarkably fun to drive, and beautiful as well,” while commending its blend of old-world charm and new world capability. Incredibly fast steering and a tight suspension are other characteristics that the most avid of critics are in love with regarding the Stelvio, and the paddle shifters in the Sport Package put the icing on the cake. We encourage you to pay us a visit and check out the new number that is a welcome reprieve from the Porsche and Lexus entries: the Stelvio is on deck to consistently wow you with its charm, capability, and cabin that is a stellar place to spend a long trip!

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