Leaked 2022 Alfa Romeo GTV Images Featured on Hotcars.com

When people come to converse with us here at Jim Butler about future models, we always cannot help getting excited. Just as the famous rock and roll song proclaims, “The Waiting is the Hardest Part”, and there are many moments where you feel as if the day may never come when you get the reward materializing in pure and finished form. Fiat Chrysler has been absolutely confirmed to be bringing back the GTV name: this was the one-of-a-kind sports coupe and roadster previously built from the mid-'90s to the mid-2000s, which is now slated to change into more of a hybrid performance vehicle that will be undoubtedly better and more refined in every way.


The original GTV was known for its styling and unique profile, it simply wasn't that high-performance of a car. The most powerful V6 topped out at less than 240 hp, and a top speed of 155 mph that at the time was electronically limited. FCA had a very performance-specific 5-year roadmap for this release, and last May, slides that were teasing the upcoming GTV portrayed it boasting 600-plus horsepower, a 50/50 weight distribution, all-wheel drive, and torque vectoring. Similar to the Honda NSX, it would also have a very limited battery-only range.


The official claim is that the new GTV would see release sometime in 2020, and at this time, there are little else in terms of specifics. We love the new picture you can see here that depicts a cabin that has been pushed far to the back in a similar style to the Mercedes-AMG GT. You get a dose of prominent fender flares, a raked window that is reminiscent of what would be found on a 'Vette, and most likely front features that are about the same as the rest of the current Alfa line. The folks at Autoblog say that the GTV will most likely have a 2.9-Liter twin-turbo combined with multiple electric motors to properly manage premium power output.


Seen here from the folks on staff at Carmagazine.UK, you get to lay eyes on an image revealing the new two-door that was snapped from an internal Powerpoint presentation, and see just how it is based on the new “Giorgio” platform that is already put to use on the Giulia saloon and Stelvio crossover, dressed up nice in an appealing 2-door bodyshell. Another thing we liked about this blog post was that you also get to check out a one-side profile photo leaked on Twitter that shows Car Magazine's impressions by Andrei Avarvarii. As of this writing, the car is expected to launch first as a coupe, with a spider convertible due a year and a half later during 2022/23.

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