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A vehicle that is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the out and generates 505 horsepower is going to take quite a while to seem anywhere near stale, and one of the only problems one could ever predict is when abundant power becomes your new normal. The staff on hand at the trusty blog ran an engrossing feature this week seen here about the folks at tuner Romeo Ferraris and their latest task: the offering up of a tuning kit for our prized Alfa Romeo Stelvio that ups the output to 548 Horsepower, and 487 lb-ft of torque.


These mods also claim to take the SUV's top speed up to 180 miles per hour, and in celebratory fashion, the company cloaked the vehicle in an exterior wrap dominated by green, but showing through bronze and purple hues. There is also the addition of white-tinted carbon fiber for trim surrounding the grille, mirror caps, and door handles. The wheel spacers broaden the front track by .79 inches, and the rear by .98 inches, and an included new set of springs lowers the ride height. We are very excited about the Ragazzon dual exhaust: it has electronically adjustable valves that offer you the ability to tweak the sound you get from the pipes.



If the Stelvio you are driving is within the lower trim variants, the Romeo Ferrari group can still be of great help: the upgrade kit for the gas-fueled 2.0-liter turbo in Europe pushes the output to 243 horsepower, and for diesel options, adds nearly 20 horsepower to the stock 207 hp. This front-engine, all-wheel-drive, five-door compact luxury SUV is named after the absolute highest mountain pass in Italy, which is heavily noted for its 48 various challenging switchbacks. Last year, we proudly accepted from Popular Mechanics the “Crossover of the Year” award for the Stelvio, solidifying its very unique breed of high-end performance and luxury.


This is the vehicle that Car and Driver themselves claimed after driving is “fascinating to behold, and entertaining to drive,” after also deeming its handling “ethereal.” If the premise of this exciting new tuning kit is not quite for you, the Ti Sport Carbon package is still on hand through us here at Jim Butler to add a set of 20-inch rims, along with carbon-fiber and dark-colored bits of detail inside and out.


For an SUV, we have taken note that many who are used to rubbing elbows (and palms of the hand on the steering wheel) with the best cars available today are in love with the exhaust note: who says you can't have track-inspired raw power at your fingertips while still being a member of the “Point A to Point B” club? Superior cornering grip, isolation from harsh bumps, and a perfectly-dampened chassis are qualities of the Stelvio that are simply unforgettable, and leave it consistently a notch (nearly narcissist in origin) above the rest. 

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