Highlights Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Completely Crowned in Gold

Tuesday, 04 June, 2019 | Dustin Willbrand

Martin Bigg of was definitely moved this past week by the stunning and unique presentation of the retro-inspired Ochre paintwork presented on the very unique Giulia Quadrifoglio at the historic 1,000-mile race! He wrote here about the gorgeous golden gloss that evokes a unique character all its own. It definitely is inspired by the models from the late '60s and '70s that were available with a similar shade, and immediately makes anyone think about the finer things in life. Even though many will probably be won over by the appearance of this hue, it was regrettably just a one-time model for the Mille Miglia.


Gold Giulia

The folks on staff at reached out to Alfa Romeo and confirmed that there are no plans to put this model into production, but sure did enjoy fawning over its awesome appearance and presence! Within the same story, it was reported that the Lexus LC 500h Matte Prototype Concept was going to be offered in a one-off Space Orange hue, but we adamantly claim that this appearance of the Giulia at the Mille Miglia was even classier!

The Carbuzz team had begged for the brand we love to represent so much here at Jim Butler Alfa Romeo of St Louis to put this model in production permanently, since it looked so good. It's actually hard to decide whether the front or sides look better: they both are representative of everything we had dreamed of in fine auto craftsmanship since 1911, when we participated in heated competition during the Targa Florio with two pioneering 24-hp models. Over the years, Alfa Romeo has competed very successfully in Grand Prix motor racing, Formula One, sportscar racing, touring car racing, and rallies. We have rallied both as an expert supplier of engines, and a knowledgeable constructor since Alfa Romeo won the inaugural world championship for Grand Prix cars in 1925.

The torque vectoring technology on the Giulia transfers power efficiently to each individual wheel to help with traction and handling. The Carbon Fiber Active Aero Front Splitter also provides active aerodynamics to promote the presence of downforce, helping create better grip at higher-level speeds. Inspired by Formula 1 race cars, one prime element of character and charisma of the Giulia is the column-mounted aluminum paddle shifters, which allow drivers to rapidly shift gears without ever needing to take their hands off the wheel.

As we gaze at the gold-clad model on display here that the Carbuzz staff showed so much love for, the hydraulic systems are another simply amazing feature: they are constantly working overtime to adjust the suspension, to help the tires remain perpendicular with the road during every drive! Just like the finest tasting caviar or enjoying the sands of a pristine beach in the Maldives, the upper end of auto quality is always able to be noticed immediately: Alfa Romeo's 2019 product line will remain profound, distinguished, and King-like for many golden years in the future.

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